Grilled Lamb Chops with Pinot Noir & Blackberry Sauce

Grilled lamb chops with an amazing sauce

This is a simple and easy grilled lamb chops recipe that has wonderful flavors.

I use the larger American lamb racks for this recipe and but them “Frenched” which means that the rib bones have been cleaned. Then I cut between the rib bones to make the chops, try to do it evenly so the chops are of uniform thickness as much as possible. You can use the smaller New Zealand or Austrailian racks, the chops will just be smaller.

4 servings

2 Lamb Racks, frenched and cut into chops* see above.

2 tablespoons herb de Provence or fresh thyme

2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper

Kosher salt to taste

Prepare the Pinot Noir Blackberry grilling sauce below.

Pinot Noir Blackberry Grilling Sauce

Prepare your grilled for medium high direct heat. Grill the chops making nice crossed grill marks. The length of cooking depends on the thickness of the chops, so either use the touch method or the thermometer of 135 for medium rare. Pull off the and allow to set for five to ten minutes to set up.

I like to serve this with either simple grilled Yukon gold potatoes or a nice mushroom risotto.

For wine choice, Pinot Noir either from Oregon or a nice Sonoma Russian River apellation. Kenwood's Pinot Noir is a good entry level pinot noir.

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