Want some of our best dessert recipes for those special dinner parties?

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As we gradually add more of our best dessert recipes into this section we will "suffer" through the trying and testing part. What a tough job!

We cannot be complete with a dinner party ~ even a casual BBQ grilling party ~ without including a wonderful finish to the evening with some unforgettable dessert.

This is the first of many of our favorite dessert recipes. We love pineapple and feel it is the perfect fruit to throw on the grill. It is amazing in it's natural caramelizing and then to add the rum sauce and ice cream! Yum....

Grilling pineapple with rum sauce and ice cream

Grilling pineapple with rum sauce and ice cream

More to come!

But if you are looking for something very special and easy. Check out Sweet Streets Bakery! I have used them in restaurants and their desserts never disappoint. Their carrot cake is amazingly good.

For Rainee, chocolate is where it's at!

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