Grilling marinades make great flavors and are easy!

Grilling marinades are an easy way to season your meals for the grill.They also can tenderize some tougher cuts. A few general rules apply which we will explore in this section.

Some interesting new research also points to the fact that marinades actually may make grilled meats healthier. Something to do with the interplay of the acids and antioxidants contained in the ingredients. Well, I will leave that for the scientists to argue, however I do know one thing, they make the food delicious. I do not have to have a microscope for that.

1- Be careful when marinating fish or leaner delicate meats, do not over marinate them. The salts or acids can break down or dry out the product.

2- Marinate in Stainless steel, plastics or glass. The same acid that add flavor can have undesirable effects in some other metals or certainly copper or pewter.

One comment on store bought marinades. While there are some great ones out there~ homemade is better~ if you have the time and the inclination. The flavors are usually brighter and definitely fresher. So that in mind, check out some of the following. They are easy and relatively quick too. You will be glad you did!

Many cooks buy marinades at the store and then it is so easy to just throw everything together, wait a bit and then “Presto!”~it is ready to go. For fast and easy, it is hard to beat. In spite of the preceding paragraph, for easy and quick meals I buy them too!

We hope you try some of these recipes below, and if you are interested in buying some great marinades for those lazy days, check out our partners!

Beef Marinades

Carne Asada Marinade 

Grilling Strip Steak Marinade

Steak Marinade Recipe with Bourbon and Mustard

Regional or Ethnic Marinades

Awesome Jamaican Jerk Marinade

Argentine Spanish Marinade for Chicken and Seafood

Tequila Lime & Chipotle Marinade for Grilling Chicken, Pork and Seafood 

Lamb Marinades

Lamb Marinade with Pomagranate 

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