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As a foodie who works a lot, I have looked for ways to make easy, quick and flavorful meals.  Now would like to make it even easier for you to make some of our favorite dishes at home easily. Check out our delicious spice rubs, we guarantee their quality and some delicious recipes. 

Ginger Wasabi Rub

Our Ginger Wasabi Spice Rubs is a spicy and exotic spice rub. Wonderful on steaks, chops and certainly seafood. Also great on rack of lamb and grilled artichokes. We love it on Tri Tip Steaks, just sprinkle on, marinate with a little soy sauce and some olive oil and grill to your liking!

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Porcini Ancho Chile Rub

Our Porcini Ancho Chile Rub is a wonderful combination of the earthy depth of the Porcini mushrooms with the smoky warmth of the Ancho chilies, these brightened with herbs and aromatics to create a one of a kind spice rub. This is absolutely wonderful with grilled Alaskan halibut, veal chops, pork chops, tenderloin or filet mignon. 

Espresso Ancho Chile Rub

This Espresso and Ancho Chile Rub was featured by J. Lohr Winery paired with their fantastic 40th Anniversary Red Wine pictured above! A versatile grilling rub and BBQ Rub for steaks, chops, ribs and game. For a great and easy dinner on steaks and pork chops a little garlic butter.  

Shiitake and Ginger Rub

This is an amazing grilling rubs on seafood.  Whether you use it on salmon, steelhead,  shrimp, halibut, ono/wahoo or other fish.  It can be used for meats and seafood off the grill, pan roasting or even pan searing and roasting. I have had guests tell me that the best salmon they have ever had was with this rub.

Fra Diavolo Rub

Our Fra Diavolo takes the traditions of the classic spicy Italian dish and brings it to grilling and your BBQ . The translation of Fra Diavolo is “Brother Devil” for the bite of red peppers. We incorporate aromatics and herbs to add a great depth of flavors. The flavors of the classic Fra Diavolo are used classically with seafood and lobster in particular. This rub is excellent with grilled seafood or chicken, add a bit of this rub to a tomato sauce on some pasta and place your grilled seafood on top. Molto Bene!

RRR Rib & Chicken Rub

Our RRR Rib and Chicken Rub is a classic BBQ Rub and seasoning for your Pork Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Chicken, a nice Ribeye Steak or about anything that you want to put on the BBQ or grill. With multiple layers of mildly spicy and smoky chiles, then a slight sweetness it is perfect for your BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken. This is a rub that the whole family will enjoy, a BBQ crowd pleaser! Great just as is or with your favorite barbecue sauce!

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