Wonderful dry rub recipes to enjoy and pass on.

Dry Rubs are an easy way to season up your food for the grill or BBQ. Even items for the oven or pan roasting as well! Try these dry rub recipes or click on the links for some excellent dry rubs available for sale!


Spicy Chicken and Poultry Rub

Randy worked for the Spanish counsel of Valencia, Spain when they were doing trade missions parties  in California. That experience and our living in Santa Fe, New Mexico brought the inspiration for this recipe.

Spanish BBQ Dry Rub Recipe 

Check out this Espresso Ancho Chile Spice Rub from Jim Tarantino’s book Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures & Glazes, a great book with four hundred great recipes and loads of solid information. I highly suggest this book for your grilling library. I really like this one for tailgate ribs, since it is not sticky and messy! Also this is great on Pork Tenderloins!

Espresso Ancho Chile Spice Rub

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Ready for some simple steak? There is nothing like a simple traditional steak rub recipe to make your grilled steak over-the-top! Give it a try. Another great fun steak recipe is Spice rub recipes using chipotle 

Keeping an organized spice cabinet is very important. Whenever we make a one of these recipes we always double them, so we have lots of easy additional spice choices for that future quick meal off the grill.

Really, even the simplest of ingredients can be sublime. I have bought the Italian Porcini Salt and Italian Truffle Salt. from Fungus Among Us. They are truly wonderful. On chicken, veal, pork, veggies, shrimp and shellfish, you name it. Check them out:

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In the mood for a traditional American style flavor? Making St. Louis style ribs, well check out this recipe!

BBQ Rub Memphis Style

If you  are in the mood for a peppery flavor, not chile heat. Check out this great Three Peppercorn Spice recipe for Steaks and Chops. It really hits the mark for pepper lovers! 

Three Peppercorn Spice Rub for Steaks and Chops

This Italian grilling spice rub is not only delicious it is also healthy, loaded with antioxidants. Give it a try on pork, veal, seafood or chicken. Great on steak too.

Italian Grilling Spice Rub

This Indian cooking and grilling spice brings the flavors of Garam Masala to the grill. Wonderful on grilled chicken, lamb and seafood. Also as part of the classic tandori preparations. Give it a try!

Indian Cooking and Grilling Spice Rub

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