Grilled Salmon with Chipotle Rub - Mojo de Ajo

Grilling Salmon with such flavors!

This chipotle rub Mojo de Ajo and Spanish rub has a wonderful toasted garlic sauce and smoky chipotles, this is an easy dish and your guests will love it if they like bold and spicy flavors.

Four six ounce portions of Salmon filet.

Note :This recipe can work with almost any good grilling fish, Halibut, Ono, Mahi Mahi Swordfish, Opah, or Albacore. The most important thing is the fish is really fresh, as always.

8 ounces Langostinos, Shrimp or Rock Shrimp cooked

Randy's Spanish Rub Recipe

Prepare Salmon for grilling

On a plate or in a pan place salmon filet, sprinkle with Spanish rub and coat with two tablespoons olive oil.

Grill the fish until done. I really like to cook my fish medium or in some cases medium rate. But the fish must be pristinely fresh.

Place the langostinos, shrimp or cooked rock shrimp on top of the fish on the plate. Top with the chipotle mojo de ajo sauce.

Chipotle Mojo de Ajo Sauce

4 cloves garlic smashed and sliced

½ to 1 whole Chipotle in Adobe finely chopped, depending on your heat preference.

3 Key limes juiced

4 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons canola or olive oil

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

Salt to taste

Melt butter over medium heat add remaining oil. When the butter is hot, add the garlic. Watch the garlic stirring occasionally. When the edges begin to turn golden brown, add the chipotle, lime juice (to taste) and salt. Add the chopped cilantro.

Hope you enjoy :)

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