Ginger Chicken

This ginger chicken recipe is timeless in its appeal and flavor. Was a favorite employee meal in the Lehr’s Greenhouse restaurant in San Diego and in San Francisco, we both enjoyed this many times over as did our guests who frequented the restaurant. This is a simple and easy recipe that is great for entertaining when you want something a little different and exotic.

Serves 4 Persons

4       half chickens

1/4   fresh pineapple cored and sliced around 1/2 inch thick for garnish (optional but nice)

1/4   cup peanut or olive oil for oiling your chicken and optional pineapple  prior to grilling 


Ginger Chicken - Ginger Soy Marinade

1 cup Soy Sauce

3 Tablespoons ginger minced

1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil

One whole chicken, either cut in half or in pieces

Put all of the ingredients in a large zip lock baggie or non-aluminum container, add the chicken and mix around thoroughly. Put in refrigerator for at least two hours but not longer than four.

Meanwhile, go ahead and make the ginger sauce at least ½ hour prior to grilling the chicken.

Ginger Sauce

1 cup or 6 oz Pineapple Juice

2 Tablespoon Ginger, minced

½ Cup Hoisin Sauce

½ Cup Soy Sauce

3 Tablespoons Corn Starch

¼ Cup Cold Water

In a sauce pan heat up the pineapple juice, ginger, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce.  Slowly add the corn starch into the simmering sauce to the desired thickness. 

Place both the pineapple slices and marinated Chicken on the grill until done, moving around to sear grill marks on each side. 

Move the chicken to upper level shelf or to cooler area of heat  to let the in direct heat cook the chicken though. After grilling the Pineapple move it off the grill to a side plate.  

When you assemble the plates, add the grilled Pineapple as a garnish and drizzle the ginger sauce over the chicken.

An Asain style coleslaw works great with this dish and rice.

Prepare your grill for medium high indirect heat and this recipe is great from a gas grill or charcoal/wood. When your grill is ready start cooking your chicken with indirect heat. As this marinade does not have sugars, it is not prone to burning. However since the half chickens have fat we still have to be aware of flare ups. Grill the chicken to a nice golden brown and internal temp of 165 degrees. During this time oil up your pineapple.

Allow your chicken halves to rest for a few minutes. Plate up your chicken with a little of the ginger sauce and garnish with the grilled pineapple. Serve remaining sauce on the side. 

Wine recommendations with this, a nice dry Riesling or pinot grigio. For those red wine folks a pinot noir will work.

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