Grilled Fish Tacos 

Grilled fish tacos are truly one of our favorite foods. From more traditional styles to cross cuisine modern style fish tacos this page will has great recipes.

Randy’s Grilled Alaskan Halibut Tacos
with Poblano Crema & Jalapeno Glaze

These grilled fish tacos are not traditional Baja style fish tacos, but have some of that Baja influence melded with a bit of San Diego and Santa Fe too.  The Alaskan halibut is dusted with bit of spice rub before hitting the grill, then a sweet spicy glaze, some crisp cabbage and the crema with a hint of fire roasted poblano chile.  Top it off with some fresh salsa and a ice cold cervesa and you will think you are on the beach in one of those commercials.

4 servings

1.5 Lb. Halibut filet or your favorite grilling fish

8    corn tortillas

2    teaspoons lime juice (preferably key lime)

2    tablespoons canola or peanut oil

¼    head of cabbage as thinly sliced as possible.

Grilled Fish Taco Spice Rub

1     tablespoon Ancho chile powder

2     teaspoons kosher or sea salt

2     teaspoons Mexican Oregano

1     teaspoon garlic powder

2     teaspoons ground cumin

1     teaspoon black pepper

Combine all and store in an airtight container.  This recipe makes enough for two recipes of the fish tacos.

Red Jalapeño Jelly Glaze

2    tablespoons red Jalapeno jelly

2    tablespoons water

Place ingredients into a small sauté pan and heat. Stir over low heat until the jelly is melted.

Poblano Crema for Grilled Fish Tacos

1     poblano chile (choose one with straight stem, they are less spicy)

2     teaspoons Lime juice (preferably key limes)

½    cup Mexican crema or if unavailable sour cream or healthy option Greek yogurt

Over an open burner flame char the poblano chile until black on all sides. Place in a paper bag to cool down (this helps with peeling). Peel under running water.  Open and remove the seeds and any white pitch. Chop and place into a food processor or blender.  Blend or process until smooth.  Add 3 tablespoons of the puree to your crema or sour cream taste and adjust for spiciness. Add the lime juice. Reserve. 

Fresh Salsa Pico de Gallo

1    pound fresh ripe tomatoes diced 

2    tablespoons Serrano or Jalapeno chilies seeded and diced very fine

2    cups onion diced ¼ inch. If you can use sweet onions

2    tablespoons cilantro chopped fine

1    tablespoon garlic chopped fine * optional

¼    cup green onions sliced fine

½    teaspoon lime juice (key limes preferred)

Place all prepared ingredients in a bowl and allow to set for 30 minutes or longer.

Directions for grilled fish tacos.

Prepare the spice rub, salsa and poblano crema. Heat your grill or light your coals for a nice hot direct fire. While the grill is heating season the halibut liberally with the spice rub. (Note the spice rub recipe makes enough for double the amount of fish, so don’t over do it. Just save it for the next time.)

After the fish is seasoned, sprinkle with the lime juice and coat with oil. 

Get your tortillas heating.

Grill your halibut making nice grill marks.  Figure on ten minutes of cooking time per inch of thickness. I personally shorten that up a bit since the fish will continue to cook for a bit off the grill. This is a good rule of thumb though. The fish should be turned either at 45 degree angles to get nice grill marks or just turned depending on your preference and heat of your fire.

Remove your fish from the grill.  Assemble your tacos. Place a tortilla, a layer of cabbage, halibut, a little crema and salsa.  Note, if your tortillas are really soft, you may want to double them up.  Serve with quartered Key limes and ice cold beverages. 

Buen Provecho!

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