Grilled Salmon recipe with New Mexico Chile Honey & Mustard Glaze

Coho Salmon grilled with a chile honey mustard glaze-delish!

This grilled salmon recipe that we just came up with one evening. We were checking out some specialty food stores in Taos, and we found some New Mexico Chile Honey. A mild New Mexico chile heat with the sweet local honey. This is great on grilled salmon, chicken breast or pork. My favorite is on grilled Coho Salmon.

3 Tablespoons New Mexico Chile Honey or 2 Tablespoons Honey combined with 1 Tablespoon mild Guajillo or Ancho Chile Powder.

3 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard

1 Tablespoon Dry White Wine

Combine all.
Prepare fish for grill, season with salt and pepper. With recipe this recipe we are using delicate Coho Salmon, I like to leave the skin on until after grilling, then its easy to remove. Also, I like the tail cuts, they are usually free of those pin bones. In this recipe I am using the full size 7-9 lb type Coho, not the little farm raised trout sized ones.

Grill the salmon making nice grill marks on the side without the skin. Do most of the time on the skin side since the skin will protect the fish from drying out.

When the fish is just about done, paint the filet with the glaze. With a spatula, remove the fish from the grill and place it upside down on cutting board or plate. Strip the skin off and then carefully flip the fish onto the serving plate and re-glaze the side with the marks.

I like this grilled salmon dish with a nice Wild Rice Pilaf or Grilled Potatoes.

4 servings


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