Grilled Seafood, try Diablo Canyon Salmon!

This is a great grilled seafood recipe, it has grilled salmon choice of shellfish, bacon, avodado and smoky chipotle Hollandaise sauce. Ok, it really does not have anything to do with Diablo Canyon but in the name and that I was working there at the time. One thing I have noticed out there at Diablo Canyon though is if it has bacon and avocado, everyone loves it. If you are looking for an “over the top-show stoppin’” grilled seafood and great salmon with some spice to it, here you go! This starts off with a mildly spice grilled salmon, topped with a smoky chipotle Hollandaise sauce, crisp bacon, avocado and your choice of shrimp, crab or as pictured langoustines-langastinos.

To start off buy some nice wild salmon or farm raised steelhead works nicely. Leave the filets skin on for ease of grilling. Use our www.greatspicerubs.com Fra Diavlo rub (it is great on seafood) or Cajun spices. Prep the filet for the grill with some oil the rub.

4 servings

4 Salmon Filet pieces 6 to 7 ounces each

2-4 teaspoons Fra Diavalo rub or Cajun seasoning

4 strips of bacon cooked crisp diced

1-2 Avocados slice or diced

1 recipe Chipotle Hollandaise

Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce

You may notice that I have used this sauce a couple of times on the website, it is great with grilled seafood! The base for this sauce is what I call “Cheater’s Hollandaise” because it is not using the classic method of whipping the egg yolks over a hot water bath and slowly incorporating the butter. In this recipe we will use a blender and make this really easy. It is not as good as the traditional method, but is within the realm of must people time and experience level. I highly encourage you to make a traditional Hollandaise or Béarnaise Sauce, when you have time. Please note, these may sauces contain uncooked Egg. They cannot be held for long period of time, and cannot be reheated or reused later. They should be made just before serving and discarded afterwards.

2 egg yolks

½ teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon lime or lemon juice fresh

¼ pound unsalted butter

1 tablespoon chopped canned chipotle chile in adobo ( more or less to your taste)

Place the butter in a sauce pan and melt the butter, take it just to starting to bubble, do not let it start to brown. Most blenders have a removable center in the lid, remove that center.

Place egg yolks, salt, cayenne and lemon juice in blender. Start the blender on a lower setting with the center removed. When the yolks get light colored, start pouring in the butter in a thin stream, half the size of a pencil. It should take a couple of minutes to pour it in. Once it is all in stop the blender, scrap down the sides and run it for a couple of more seconds.

This is now Hollandaise Sauce. If you just want Hollandaise, taste and adjust the lemon and Salt. Now add your chipotle in adobo to your heat preference.

Grill your salmon skin on putting nice grill marks on the filet side. Remove from the grill. Carefully peel the skin and place the fish on the plate, top with the chipotle Hollandaise sauce and then with your cooked shrimp/crab/langastinos. I like to serve this with nice rice pilaf, and julienned zucchini.

For wine suggestions I like J. Lohr’s Highlands Bench Chardonnay, Chamisal Edna Valley Pinot Noir or for an excellent crisp alternative, J. Lohr’s Carol’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc.

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