Grilling Ribeye Steak

Grilling Ribeye Steaks? The Ribeye steak is one of the favorite cuts for the grill. Flavorful and tender too, with a enough fat be extra juicy. No wonder? The ribeye is technically the same cut as the venerable prime rib without the bones. 

The Ribeye is also sometimes called a Spencer steak or Market Steak. 

Check out Wikipedia's Ribeye Steak Page


 Grilled Ribeye Steak with Guinness Stout Marinade
& Sauce

Grilling ribeye steak? This is a great recipe and excellent choice for St. Patrick's Day or for a beer and food pairing. I suppose this could be called  "Guy Food" but everyone loves it especially these days with the micro-brew revolution.  At our restaurant in San Francisco, Lehr's Greenhouse, we had a great beer list with a wide range of beers from San Francisco’s Anchor Steam to Guinness and around 30 others in between. We also did our own dry aging of our beef, so when I ran this as a special from time to time and it sold out everytime. When you are in the mood for a great steak and brew, check this out!

4     servings

4     Rib Eye Steaks (choice or better) 10 to 12 ounces each. Buffalo Ribeyes work great too.

Guinness Stout Marinade & Sauce

2     shallots quartered

8     garlic cloves quartered

6     rosemary sprigs

2     teaspoons freshly ground black pepper 

2     tsp ancho chile powder 

1 ½  cans Guinness Stout beer (save the other ½ can for the sauce preparation)

2      tablespoon unsalted butter cold 

Marinate steaks for three hours. Remove steaks from marinade and save the marinade. 

Place marinade in a sauce pan, add the reserved ½ can of Guinness bring to a simmer. Cook/reduce the sauce until the volume reduced by 75%.  Remove the rosemary sprigs. Turn off heat.  Using a whisk, whip in the cold butter in the sauce a little bit at a time until incorporated. This technique give is a richness and nice shine. Adjust salt and pepper, keep in a warm spot. 

Prepare your grill nice and hot, if using a charcoal grill, have a indirect heat area available to get away from the flare ups. Cook your steaks to the desired degree of doneness. 

Remove the steaks and place on warmed plates. Top with the Guinness sauce and done. I like this with some nice grilled potatoes.

Serve this with Guinness Stout or a nice full flavored beer. 

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