Seafood Marinades

Seafood marinades are generally very easy and excellent from the grill. Marinades bring flavor profiles from all cuisines to your seafood. They also can bring healthy benefits as well as those great flavors, they can be rich in antioxidants. 

When working with marinades normally there will be an acidic or enzymatic ingredient such as lemon, vinegars or sometime a fruit such as papaya etc. Typically seafood marinades are not used to tenderize the seafood, this sets seafood marinades apart from beef or meat marinades. This in mind it is important not to over marinate your seafood for the grill you may wind up breaking down the texture of the seafood. I generally do not marinate more than a couple of hours maximum unless brining for smoking or purposely curing the seafood. Lighter textured fish or shrimp I would marinate for thirty minute to an hour maximum. 

It is important to use non-reactive containers for marinating foods, so stay away from aluminum or pewter and use glass, stainless steel or plastic containers when marinating. Plastic bags work great.

Enjoy our seafood marinades and check back we will be adding more regularly!

Wikipedia's Marinade Page

Argentine Marinade for Seafood 

Pictured Above 

 The Most Famous of Seafood Marinades
Teriyaki Marinade 

One of the best known marinades and likely most often used is the Teriyaki marinade. Just about everyone has tried the bottled version. Teriyaki is very easy to make and the homemade version of this will allow the flavor of your seafood to come through, not hidden behind a wall of corn syrup as in so many of the bottle versions. If you have some great fish give our version of this most famous of seafood marinades a try on your salmon, shrimp, or just about any grilled or broiled fish. 

Check out Wikipedia's Teriyaki Page

1/2 cup sake

1/4 cup mirin a sweet Japanese rice wine

1/4 cup soy sauce or Tamari 

The base recipe show here is for the simplest and cleanest true teriyaki seafood marinade.  You can make this marinade into a glaze as well to finish your grilled seafood by adding  a little cold water and one teaspoon of cornstarch and bringing your teriyaki to a boil then adding this water and cornstarch mixture to thicken the sauce. For garnish on your glaze toasted sesame seeds and/or thinly sliced green onions are nice.

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