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If you are searching for a chicken breast recipe you are likely searching for something easy and quick from the grill. Grilled chicken breast recipes are as versatile as anything from the grill for easy and relatively quick meals. Check back here often and we will add more recipes for chicken breast.

Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe Santa Fe Style

This recipe is a nice dish with great flavors ala Santa Fe style! It is simple and easy to prepare. The New Mexico or poblano chiles really give this a nice southwest flavor. There are many ways to serve this dish, it can be dressed up nicely with some sauce or even go on a bun for a killer burger. 

4     boneless and skinless chicken breast six to eight ounces each

2     tablespoons olive oil

3      teaspoons  Randy’s Spicy Chicken and Poultry Rub or your favorite poultry rub

4     thin slices of Spanish Manchengo cheese or Jack Cheese

2   New Mexico green chiles or Poblano chiles roasted peeled and seeded, whichever you use   should not be too spicy. Either of these chiles can be a bit unpredicatable so ask your “Chilero” (if you live in New Mexico) for mild or buy a couple of extra so you can have some alternates. Or alternately you can use Ortega canned chiles, but it does not have the fresh bright taste of fresh chiles.

Season up your chicken breasts (I almost said rub your chicken breasts, but this is a PG rated recipe), oil them for the grill. Let them marinate with the rub while you prepare the chiles.

* If using fresh chiles. Prepare your grill for a nice two-zone fire, when the coals are still very hot roast them until the skin is black on all sides.  One trick to peeling is to throw them into a paper bag for a couple of minutes. Then peel and seed them under running water. Make sure to get rid of any white pith inside. Cut them into flats that will cover the chicken breast.

Grill your chicken breasts getting nice grill marks on the high heat them move to the indirect heat side. When the chicken is ¾ cooked place the chiles and the cheese on top, cover up until the cheese is melted. Done!

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