Ono Recipes & Wahoo Recipes

Ono is a fantastic fish for the grill and this is the place for some great Ono recipes from simple to the more exotic. Ono or Wahoo is a firm white fleshed fish that when fresh is hard to beat from the grill.


Ono Recipe - Simple Fishhouse Style

Ono is an amazing fish from the grill and sometimes you just want a simple Ono recipe like that great  fish house restaurant. Well here it is! This is best off charcoal or mesquite, but good from the gas grill too.

4 servings

4   six to eight ounce pieces of Ono filet. This recipe works for steaks too.

2  cloves fresh garlic finely chopped

1   teaspoons lemon juice

1   teaspoon smoked paprika or sweet paprika. (if you like spicy you can use blackening spice)

2   tablespoons olive oil

    kosher or sea salt to taste

Lay out your filets and rub with the garlic, sprinkle with the lemon juice and salt lightly. Allow to marinate for fifteen minutes. Then sprinkle with paprika and oil, rub it around to ensure it is coated with the oil.

Heat your grill for medium high direct heat. If using charcoal or mesquite wait until a nice uniform gray ash has covered the coals.

When the grill is nice and hot grill your ono. It is important not to over cook Ono since it is a lean fish and will be dry if it is overcooked. According to the Canadian Fish Cooking Method fish should be cooked for 10 minutes per inch of thickness at 400 to 450 degrees. Allow accordingly, however I would short the time on this up to around 8-9 minutes per inch, particularly if the fish is really fresh. By the way, I do like sushi.

Turn the fish around half way through and put nice grill marks on both sides.


I like to serve this with a nice simple coleslaw, potatoes au gratin and garlic bread! Enjoy!

Grilled Ono with Soy and Garlic


This is one of my favorite grilled Ono recipes or Wahoo recipes. The flavors just work perfectly. You may think I picked this up in Hawaii, but no this Ono recipe comes from home in San Francisco. In our kitchen at Lehr’s Greenhouse the classic Chinese version of this was often the kitchen meal. The Chinese influence is strong in this, however in classical Chinese cuisine the fish would be steamed. That would not work for Ono. It is too lean a fish and too good grilled. The fish is marinated, grilled then topped with a hot oil baste, tons of flavor! Not spicy, but very satisfying. So, check this one out. You will be glad you did!

This Ono recipe or wahoo recipe can also be made with Halibut (excellent) Albacore tuna or Hawaiian, Mahi Mahi or Salmon. But if you can find Ono, this is one of the best grilled Ono recipes!

One important note, check out our other fish pages too! Many of the sauces and preparations work super for Ono or Wahoo!

4  6 to 8 ounce portions of Ono/Wahoo filet. 4 servings. I like to cut out the dark part on the filets., it is optional however.

Soy, Ginger, Garlic and Sesame Marinade for Ono or Seafood

2 teaspoon finely chopped garlic

2 teaspoon finely chopped fresh ginger

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup white wine

2 teaspoons sesame oil

Marinate the fish for one hour.

Prepare the fish for the grill. I like a nice hot grill for the Ono, direct heat.

Ono is a very lean fish and is not good cooked well done or overcooked so keep an eye on it and cook to medium or medium well at the most. Grill your Ono making nice grill marks on the hot grill. For timing figure something like six to 8 minute per inch of thickness of the filet. As mentioned previously do not overcook your Ono.

Soy, Garlic, Ginger and Sesame Oil Sauce

In a saute pan place:

3 tablespoons peanut or mild olive oil

2 teaspoons garlic finely chopped

2 teaspoons fresh ginger finely chopped

1 green onion finely sliced at a 45 degree angle

2 teaspoons sesame oil

1 teaspoon soy sauce

Place the oil in a saute pan, heat over medium high heat. When there is a shimmer on the surface of the oil or it just begins to smoke, add the garlic, ginger and stir. Add the green onions, sesame oil, and soy sauce turn off the heat.

Top the cooked Ono with the sauce.

I like to serve this with a fried or steamed rice.

For a wine choice, I really like a nice dry Viogner or dry Rhone Style Rose from Paso Robles. 


To learn more about this marvelous game fish check out Wikipedia's Wahoo Page

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